Открытый урок по теме Средства массовой информации


для 8 класса



Тип урока: комбинированный (комплексный)



Задачи и цели урока



формирование практических умений и навыков иноязычной речевой деятельности учащихся (в чтении, письме, аудировании и говорении).

учить правильно употреблять языковые средства, строить фразы, повышать общую культуру выражения мысли.



развивать мышление, память, логику, воображение.

развитие знаний, умений и навыков изучаемого языка

развитие творческих способностей учащихся.

развивать самостоятельность.

развивать кругозор в области изучаемого языка.



формировать мотивацию к изучению иностранного языка.

воспитание чувства коллективизма, взаимовыручки,умений работать в паре и группе.

воспитание культуры общения.


Оснащение урока:



аудиокассета с текстом для аудирования.

функциональный раздаточный материал


Ход урока

Вводная часть.


Приветствие, сообщение темы урока, фонетическая зарядка.


nd what means of communicating, which are traditionally called the media, do you know?

I know such means of communicating: newspaper, television, radio, the Internet, tabloid.


Right you are. And which of the mass media is your favourite? Give your reasons.


favourite media is radio. I’m fond of listening to music on the radio.


favourite media.




favourite media is television . I can watch television for many hours a day.


favourite media is television too.


Which television programme do you like best?


I like “Galileo”. I have an opportunity to see the world staying at home.


Which media is the most popular in your family?


Television is the most popular in my family.


Who in your family watches TV more than others?And why?


: I think my grandfather watches TV more than others. He is a pensioner and has a lot of free time.


And now what was your homework for today?


Our homework for today was to find interesting information (news) and retell it


: Right you are.


Проверка д/з.Несколько человек отвечают домашнее задание (опрос 7-10минут) и после ответа прикрепляет лист с информацией на доску.


It was brilliant (good…). It’s enough for today and next time we’ll listen to the rest.

let’s read some active words and word combinations:


news-stand – газетный киоск

background information – «закулисная информация»

celebrity – знаменитость

intimate – личный

documentary – документальный фильм

feature film – художественный фильм

violence -насилие

to dull — притуплять

sensitivity – чувсвительность


TV addict — теленаркоман

to hook – цеплять крючком; зд.делать зависимым

disabled people – люди , потерявшие трудоспособность


Основная часть.

and then we are going to do some exercises.

Mass Media.


are especially important nowadays and we can’t imagine our life without them. There are dozens of them on every news-stand. There are newspapers for professionals, for businessmen, for children and teenagers, for men and women, for sports fans, for those who are interested in gardening, fishing, hunting, for those who keep pets and so on. Some newspapers publish serious articles on politics, economy and finance, some aim to entertain their readers. Many newspapers express certain political opinion and people choose them according to their own political beliefs. In short, you can always find a paper which suits your interests. The advantage of all the newspapers is that they usually provide us with extra detail, comment and background information. But it is bad that very often newspapers are full of dramatic events about natural disasters, plane crashes, murders and robberies. Having read such articles, you feel depressed and it seems that the world is being ruined. One more disadvantage is that newspapers are full of gossip about different celebrities and their private lives. There are also a lot of photos of them in their most intimate moments. I think it shouldn’t be allowed, besides half of this information is unreliable.

just like an everyday affair. Some people become TV addicts and they won’t give up TV for anything in the world. Nowadays some children are so addicted to TV that they are not interested in anything else: they don’t read books, communicate with adults and other children, they move less, speak less and they even think less. Though there are a lot of excellent educational programmes for children and programmes designed for schools. They help children to extend their knowledge and to develop their imagination.

. It is good to listen to it in the car, or in the open air, or when you do something about the house.

has recently become another important source of information. It is regarded as the latest addiction to trap thousands of people which has been blamed for broken relationships, job losses, financial ruin and even suicide. Psychologists now recognize Internet Addiction Syndrome (IAS) as a new illness that could cause serious problems and ruin many lives. Many users spend up to 40 hours a week on the Internet. Some of the addicts are teenagers who are already hooked on computer games.


). Проверка.




1) You will hardly find a newspaper which suits your interests.(F)


2) The advantage of all the newspapers is that they are full of gossip about different celebrities and their private lives.(F)


3) Television helps us to relax after a hard day’s work and to escape from reality.(T)


4) Some people become TV addicts and they won’t give up TV for anything in the world.(T)


5) Thanks to television children become more active and creative.(F)


6) Programmes about violence make people more sensitive.(F)





Exercise N2.(Упражнение на аудирование)


Teacher:Listen to the information about broadcasting companies in different countries. Fill in the table with the names of broadcasting companies. Which of them is your favourite? Why?

Nowadays broadcasting companies have become symbols of their countries.

(or the British Broadcasting Corporation) is a state company. Its two channels BBC1 and BBC2 do not show adverts. BBCI broadcasts popular programmes (the news, sports programmes, shows, children’s programmes and soaps). BBC2 shows TV plays, classical concerts, foreign fIlms.

(or Cable News Network) broadcasts only news but is popular all over the world.

(or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) can be seen or heard almost anywhere in the country. Thе company broadcasts in English and in French. It broadcasts the news, shows, films and other popular programmes.

. It shows special programmes: cultural news, Russian and foreign classical films, the best performances, classical concerts, talk shows on culture and education. This channel is getting more and more popular.




Учащиеся заполняют таблицу на основании услышанной с аудиокассеты информации. Задание проверяется учителем, после чего вызывается один человек к доске заполнить таблицу на подготовленном плакате.


.(Письменная индивидуальная работа).


Complete each sentence with the most appropriate word from the box.


disadvantage, imagination, (to) dull, (to) provide, violence, celebrity, disabled, hooked, (to) educate, (to) communicate


1. We need to………… people so that they understand the importance of a good, healthy diet.

2. You don’t have to use your ………….when you’re watching television.

e is a national…………..

……………my mind.

. There is too much …………..on TV these days.

6. Her son is …………….and she has to take care of him all the time.

7. Your main ……………is your lack of job experience.

. Some parents who are concerned about computer games believe their children are……….…..

9. The money will be used to ………….the school with new computers.

. Now that we live in different cities, we ………………..by e-mail.


Exercise N4. «Interview with a star»

Ученики разделены на 2 группы.Придумывают название газеты для себя. Получив задание составить вопросы «звезде», составляют их в группе сообща.


: Now let’s play. Try to imagine that you are journalists from two local newspapers. You have an interesting meeting with a star today. You have only several minutes to make up about 5-7 questions for her in your group.


: When did you decide to become a singer?

:What is it like to be famous?

:Have you finished recording your new CD?

: Will you be giving any concerts in Europe?

: What are your plans for the future?


“What question was the most interesting ?”


Заключительная часть.

for your participating . You are very active today. Your marks are…(называет оценки за урок).

Your homework will be to make up a dialogue «Interview with…». Choose a partner and then decide who will be a correspondent, and who will be a star (a sportsman or a pop-singer, an actor or a famous writer, etc).

And now our lesson is over. I hope that the theme of our lesson was interesting for you. Good bye.


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