ТЕСТЫ Деловой иностранные язык


Intermediate level # 23



1. My ……. went very well. I think I will get the job.

(a) interview (b) interstate (c) invitation (d) inspecting

: (a) interview


2. She likes your ……. of writing.

(a) jester (b) paper (c) test (d) style

: (d) style


3. There is a water ……. in the hallway next to the bathroom.

(a) fling (b) thing (c) hole (d) fountain

: (d) fountain


4. This report is ……. next week.

(a) gave (b) due (c) expect (d) date

: (b) due


5. I cannot print the flyers because the ……. is out of paper.

(a) printer (b) impression (c) machine (d) impersonator

: (a) printer


6. We normally serve five hundred ……. every day.

(a) customs (b) customers (c) consume (d) commuters

: (b) customers


7. At the annual picnic we will be ……. hotdogs and chicken.

(a) serving (b) picketing (c) holding (d) rendered

: (a) serving


8. From time ……. time the inspector comes to make sure that everything meets health standards.

(a) in (b) and (c) to (d) for

: (c) to


9. The bigger they are the harder they ……..

(a) cry (b) hit (c) swim (d) fall

: (d) fall


10. Do you keep your files in your desk ……..?

(a) envelop (b) drawer (c) pocket (d) leg

: (b) drawer










Intermediate level # 3


1. I think it would be a good idea to ……. in your letter that you have worked in that type of business previously.

(a) describe (b) mention (c) show (d) demonstrate

: (b) mention


2. You need to improve the ……. of this letter because one or two things are in the wrong place.

(a) description (b) indication (c) layout (d) picture

: (c) layout


3. Before you put the letter in the envelope, make sure you ……. it in the right way.

(a) fold (b) double (c) treble (d) hold

: (a) fold


4. If you want this letter to reach the bank tomorrow, you have no choice but to send it by ……. mail.

(a) speed (b) express (c) excess (d) fast

: (b) express


5. When you are going to write an important letter like that, it is absolutely essential that you ……. all the facts first.

(a) connect (b) join (c) deliver (d) assemble

: (d) assemble


6. When you read something you’ve written on the computer screen, it often looks all right although you should always ……. read it first.

(a) check (b) prove (c) proof (d) proven

: (c) proof


7. I advise you to check ……. with a letter or a phone call if you intend to pay them a visit in order to save a wasted journey.

(a) previously (b) prior (c) ante (d) beforehand

: (d) beforehand


8. Since that package contains valuable items, you must send it by ……. post.

(a) required (b) resigned (c) registered (d) repeated

: (c) registered


9. Quite honestly I cannot trust this particular letter to be sent by post and so I am using the services of a ……. to deliver it for me.

(d) carrier

: (a) courier


10. I’m sure that computer program you use creates a very good letter design but it’s far too ……. for me.

(a) comprehensive (b) complicated (c) concentrated (d) composite

: (b) complicated



Intermediate level # 1


1. I would be very interested in ……. for that job.

(a) entering (b) working (c) applying (d) writing

: (c) applying

2. Do you want to ……. as a candidate in the local elections?

(a) stand (b) sit (c) go (d) try

: (a) stand

of town.

(a) tired (b) fed (c) sick (d) ill

: (b) fed

4. The reason there are no buses is because the drivers are on ……..

(a) hit (b) stop (c) strike (d) leave

: (c) strike

5. The government has changed its policy and had a complete change of ……..

(a) view (b) opinion (c) mind (d) heart

: (d) heart

6. This supermarket is trying to ……. young shoppers by offering fashionable clothes.

(a) target (b) persuade (c) encourage (d) trap

: (a) target

7. You should have ……. those shares when they were cheap.

(a) taken out (b) sold off (c) bought up (d) taken over

: (c) bought up

8. You must try and hurry up because my patience is ……. out.

(a) running (b) racing (c) pacing (d) turning

: (a) running

9. Have you ever tried your ……. at running a business?

(a) arm (b) finger (c) hand (d) leg

: (c) hand

10. After all these years she has decided to take early ……..

(a) leave (b) finishing (c) departure (d) retirement














# 61


1. The application form is used by companies as a means of ……. basic information from all applicants.

(a) acquiring (b) distributing (c) manipulating (d) standardizing

2. The application is a key marketing tool for the applicant in the job-……. process.

(a) advertising (b) gathering (c) seeking (d) wanted

3. Companies utilize the application as a ……. for deciding whether to interview the applicant.


: (b) basis

4. The application form should be considered the applicant’s first test in ……. directions.

(a) examining (b) following (c) indicating (d) reading


5. The application form should be filled out as ……. as possible; it reflects the applicant’s nature.

(a) cleanly (b) freshly (c) neatly (d) nicely


6. On the form, answers should be ……. to the specific position for which the person is applying.

(a) measured (b) modified (c) presented (d) tailored

: (d) tailored

(a) answers (b) blanks (c) empties (d) notes

8. The goal of the application is to obtain a personal interview, so do not provide any ……. information.

(a) affirmative (b) negative (c) objective (d) positive


9. Questions should be answered ……., but complete answers need not necessarily be given.

(a) briefly (b) comprehensively (c) earnestly (d) truthfully

   negative (b) negotiable (c) undecided (d) unknown



Advanced level # 19


1. We’re paying for a stand at the new industrial exhibition with a view to ……. interest among potential employees in our company.

(a) generalizing (b) generating (c) germinating (d) gesticulating

2. For the first three months of your employment with the firm you will be under the care of a ……..

(a) minor (b) monitor (c) mender (d) mentor

: (d) mentor

3. Although she was very tempted to accept the job she was offered, she had to ……. the offer because the salary would have been insufficient.

(a) return (b) reject (c) refuse (d) repeat

: (b) reject

4. A university education is of course important but it is essential that all employees undergo a period of intensive ……..

(a) preparation (b) concentration (c) training (d) learning

5. A newsletter is sent out every ten days to all the staff so that they receive a regular ……. on recent appointments.

(a) update (b) dating (c) dates (d) dated

6. Part of the ongoing training is to ensure that a regular time and place are ……. for department heads to meet their staff.

(a) placed by (b) put on (c) set up (d) set off

7. The head of department acknowledged that the ……. of the section was largely due to high quality support staff.

(a) success (b) progress (c) business (d) future

: (a) success

8. The pace of change in that industry is so fast that staff find it hard to ……. the latest developments.

(a) hold on to (b) keep on to (c) hold up with (d) keep up with

9. It is the policy of the company to ……. all interviews for new recruits with a member of the trade union present.

(a) control (b) conduct (c) convene (d) confirm

: (b) conduct

10. In view of the excessive workload you have at the moment I won’t expect you to keep ……. during the next few days.

(a) on line (b) on road (c) on track (d) on path











# 6

Finance (1)


1. The one big fear of all world economies is that of ……..

(a) regression (b) repression (c) recession (d) receding

: (c) recession


2. You are never too young to start ……. some money in a savings account.

(a) inputting (b) interesting (c) infusing (d) investing

: (d) investing


3. If ever you find you have an unexpected expense, you can always ……. some money from your savings.

(a) extract (b) exit (c) withhold (d) withdraw

: (d) withdraw


4. At certain times of the year your shares will ……. a good profit but you must also be prepared for them to go down in value.

(a) yield (b) take up (c) increase (d) throw up

: (a) yield


5. You can ……. the cost of insuring your car if you keep it in a garage.

(a) refine (b) drop (c) cut (d) slice

: (c) cut


6 We got a very good ……. when we bought that three piece suite for half its usual price.

(a) deal (b) dealing (c) dealer (d) dealt

: (a) deal


7. Now that the summer has started, big department stores are hoping that sales of holiday items will ……..

(a) take on (b) take up (c) take off (d) take to

: (c) take off


8. The two companies have decided to ……. because they believe that their combined resources will produce greater profits.

(a) merge (b) double (c) mix (d) blend

: (a) merge

9. When someone dies and their ……. reach a certain figure, their family has to pay an additional tax.

(a) profits (b) wealth (c) assets (d) products

: (c) assets


10. The loan you have taken out is for a ……. term, which in your case is 5 years.

(a) steady (b) fixed (c) long (d) exact

: (b) fixed



Advanced level # 8

Finance (3)1. If you cannot get a job and remain ……. for a long period, you can claim some money from the state.

(a) unengaged (b) unattached (c) unemployed (d) unused

: (c) unemployed


2. The great thing about this guarantee is that there is never any doubt and there is no ……. about getting your money back.

(a) squabble (b) argument (c) quibble (d) quarrel

: (c) quibble


3. There is a substantial ……. between the money you have available and the amount you need to spend.


: (b) shortfall


4. When you retire, you should get a pension and a ……. sum from your employers.

(a) lump (b) block (c) pile (d) heap

: (a) lump


5. ……. are people who put money into a business in the hope of making a profit.

(a) Spenders (b) Borrowers (c) Lenders (d) Investors

: (d) Investors


6. When you take out a large loan over many years, you don’t start paying off the ……. for some time.

(a) main (b) chief (c) capital (d) bulk

: (c) capital


7. We will make no ……. for the catalogue, which you can take with our compliments.

(a) cost (b) debt (c) charge (d) payment

: (c) charge


8. It may seem a long way into the future but in the end you will get some ……. from your investment.

(a) produce (b) benefit (c) products (d) price

: (b) benefit


9. There is still an outstanding ……. on that account, which must be paid in 30 days.

(a) balance (b) scale (c) difference (d) cost

: (a) balance


10. Interest ……. are at their lowest level since the 1950’s.

   figures (b) rates (c) numbers (d) standards








# 3




1. The stock market has hit new ……. this year.

(a) lows (b) bottoms (c) depths (d) ends

: (a) lows


2. The government has decided to hold an ……. into the latest financial scandal.

(a) examination (b) enquiry (c) evaluation (d) interpretation

: (b) enquiry


has ……. a new campaign to make people aware of cruelty to animals.

(a) launched (b) pursued (c) offered (d) ejected

: (a) launched


4. I was totally ……. of the increased taxes.

(a) unknowing (b) unclear (c) incredulous (d) unaware

: (d) unaware


5. The price of petrol has ……. again.

(a) raised (b) risen (c) escalated (d) ascended

: (b) risen


6. The ordinary person is again being asked to ……. to pay for dental treatment.

(a) stump up (b) throw up (c) cheer up (d) bring up

: (a) stump up


7. This car is intended for the ……. market only.

(a) internal (b) external (c) export (d) outside

: (c) export


8. Credit card holders struggle very hard to ……. the amount they owe.

(a) reduce (b) deduct (c) curtail (d) shorten

: (a) reduce


9. This charity was set up to ……. money for the poor.

(a) collect (b) gather (c) assemble (d) convene

: (a) collect


10. Everything ……. all right in the end.

(a) happened (b) occurred (c) turned up (d) turned out





Advanced level # 69



1. The statement of income and expenses reports the company’s income and expenses for the time period: it is also called a …….-and-loss statement.

(a) earnings (b) gain (c) profit (d) win

: (a) earnings


2. The first item on the statement is the total amount of sales of products or services; this is often referred to as ……. sales.

(a) gross (b) mass (c) overall (d) whole

: (b) mass


3. The main deduction from this revenue is called ……. of sales, the amount of money the company spent to produce the same goods or services.

(a) cost (b) discount (c) expense (d) reduction

: (a) cost


4. The next deduction is ……. expenses — for example, administrative salaries and research costs, which do not vary directly with production.

(a) fixed (b) operating (c) standard (d) unproductive

: (d) unproductive


5. Depreciation expenses the wear and ……. on assets like machinery, equipment and furnishings.

(a) age (b) change (c) repair (d) tear

: (b) change


6. The depreciation charge for using these assets during the accounting period is a ……. of their original cost.

(c) fragment (d) function

: (a) foundation


7. ……. income is the money that the company earns by keeping its cash in savings accounts, term deposits, etc.

(a) Illicit (b) Inactive (c) Interest (d) Internal

: (c) Interest


8. Finally, ……. tax is deducted.

(a) business (b) commercial (c) income (d) value-added

: (a) business


9. The final entry is the ……. line, which represents net earnings of the company during the accounting period.

(a) balance (b) base (c) black (d) bottom

: (a) balance


10. Additionally, ……. indicates how much shareholders would receive if the company distributed all of its net earnings as dividends.

(a) EPS (b) GDP (c) GNP (d) VAT

: (d) VAT

Advanced level # 77


1. The relationship between worker pensions and retirement is of ……. interest to management and economists.

(a) considerable (b) enough (c) plentiful (d) sufficient

: (a) considerable

2. The reduction in retirement age since World War II is usually ……. to greater pension benefits, both governmental and private.

(a) aligned (b) alleged (c) assigned (d) attributed

: (d) attributed

3. The anticipated difficulties in financing current public pensions could be ……. by changes that delayed worker retirement.

(a) instigated (b) investigated (c) mitigated (d) relegated

: (c) mitigated

4. Private pensions ……. a large percentage of individual wealth in most of the developed nations.

(a) compare (b) compile (c) compost (d) comprise

: (d) comprise

5. As a worker ages, both his productivity and the ……. of working another wage period will change.

(a) difficulty (b) disability (c) disinterest (d) disutility

: (d) disutility

6. In a perfect labor market, employers, who always pay workers the value of their ……. at any one time, will be indifferent to the age of retirement.

(a) contract (b) output (c) pension (d) salary

: (b) output

7. The most obvious reason for the existence of pensions is the tax advantage, since pension ……. are permitted to accumulate untaxed until retirement.

(a) benefits (b) calculations (c) contributions (d) payouts

: (c) contributions

8. Both employers and employees benefit from a payment ……. where workers receive less than the actual value of their work when they are young and more than the actual value of their work when old.

(a) avenue (b) envelope (c) gap (d) stream

: (d) stream

9. This system reduces worker incentives for ……. and cheating and thereby raises their lifetime wealth.

(a) kiting (b) lurking (c) lying (d) shirking

: (d) shirking

10. General economic conditions also help determine actual retirement age: higher inflation and greater unemployment at the end of his career causes the worker to ……. his retirement.

(a) defray (b) delay (c) deny (d) detract

: (b) delay

Advanced level # 13

Money Matters (1)

1. Even after their recent heavy expenses, they still found there was a healthy ……. in their bank account.

(a) rest (b) remainder (c) balance (d) basis

: (c) balance

2. As the builder wanted cash for the work he had done, she had to go to the bank personally to ……. the money herself.

(a) take off (b) take out (c) take over (d) take in

: (b) take out

3. It was considered a very good time to apply for a ……. to buy the house because interest rates were very low.

(a) pledge (b) promise (c) mortgage (d) borrowing

: (c) mortgage

4. Before they could borrow a large sum of money to buy the house, they had to make sure they had enough money to be able to make a ……. payment.

(a) down (b) through (c) low (d) base

: (a) down

5. All the ……. you make on your internet account are recorded so that you can check the details at any time.

(a) movements (b) deals (c) activities (d) transactions

: (d) transactions

will be of no value until you have put your ……. on it.

(a) signature (b) signs (c) signing (d) signed

: (a) signature

7. The bank refused to ……. the money order because the customer had no proof of identity.

(a) receive (b) take (c) accept (d) enter

: (c) accept

8. Under the rules laid down by the bank there is a ……. on the amount of money you can get out from a cash machine in any one day.

(a) limiting (b) restriction (c) restricting (d) limitation

: (b) restriction


(a) concerned (b) careful (c) conscious (d) cautious

: (d) cautious

10. The bank will simply not let you ……. any money unless you can prove that you have been in regular employment for at least three years.

(a)lend (b) loan (c) borrow (d) remove

: (a)lend


Advanced level # 16

Money Matters (4)

1 There is one date you mustn’t forget and that’s the ……. for sending in details of your earnings to the tax office.

(a) headline (b) deadline (c) mainline (d) offline

: (b) deadline

2. If you are self-employed, you must make sure that you ……. the form indicating how much you have earned.

(a) fill up (b) fill through (c) fill out (d) fill on

: (a) fill up

3. If the department agrees that you have paid too much tax in the year, you will receive a ……. in due course.

(a) return (b) reply (c) response (d) refund

: (c) response

4. Each month when you receive your pay, the employer ……. a certain amount to pay towards your pension.

(a) withholds (b) withstands (c) withdraws (d) without

: (d) without

5. When you take out a loan, you have to pay interest on the amount you ……..

(a) own (b) lend (c) owe (d) take

: (b) lend

6. In the tax office there will be a ……. that holds all the documents and papers connected with you.

(a) file (b) box (c) book (d) container

: (c) book

7. There is quite a heavy financial ……. attached to any action that involves late payment of taxes.

(a) punishment (b) pain (c) restriction (d) penalty

: (d) penalty

8. Under the new regulations you can agree yourself to ……. the tax you have to pay on the income over the previous year.

(a) figure (b) calculate (c) add (d) amount

: (c) add

was taken from there.

(a) joint (b) united (c) unified (d) joined

: (b) united

10. You can decide, if you so wish, to ……. your right to take your pension at an earlier date.

(a) give in (b) give up (c) give out (d) give off

: (c) give out





Advanced level # 68


1. A balance sheet shows the financial ……. that a company has at a point in time and where they came from.

(a) records (b) resources (c) returns (d) revenues

: (b) resources

2. It is an instant photograph that displays the company’s financial ……. at the end of a business month, quarter or year.

(a) explanation (b) position (c) publication (d) station

: (b) position

3. The organization of a balance sheet reflects this basic …….: assets equal debts plus equity.

(a) arrangement (b) assessment (c) equation (d) question

: (c) equation

4. The ……. of accounts is a listing of the accounts that are reflected in the financial statements.

(a) book (b) chart (c) table (d) outline

: (b) chart

5. Assets are often listed in the order of their ……. — which means how easy it would be to convert each asset into cash.

(a) complexity (b) liquidity (c) security (d) simplicity

: (b) liquidity

6. Assets are divided into three categories: Current Assets, Fixed Assets, and ……. Assets.

(a) Current fixed (b) Different (c) Fixed current (d) Other

: (d) Other

7. Current assets will likely be turned into cash or converted into a(n) ……. within a year.

(a) bonus (b) expense (c) option (d) stock

: (b) expense

8. Fixed assets are saleable, but are not expected to be converted to cash in the ……. course of business.

(a) average (b) equal (c) final (d) normal

: (d) normal

9. Liabilities are debts or ……. stemming from goods or services received by the company.

(d) owed

: (a) obligations

10. If the assets of a company are greater than its liabilities, then the equity of the business is the positive ……. between the two numbers.

   calculation (b) difference (c) dividend (d) sum

: (b) difference


Intermediate level # 2


1. In order to check all the telephone calls made during the month I want the account to be ……..

(a) detailed (b) particular (c) specialized (d) itemized

: (d) itemized

2. All the representatives are allowed to spend money for entertaining with their ……. account.

(a) expensive (b) expending (c) expense (d) expenses

: (c) expense

3. To spread the cost of spending on articles you buy many big departments let you open a ……..

(a) credible (b) credit (c) credited (d) credulous

: (b) credit

4. Once you are earning money and you want to keep it safe, you can always ……. an account with a bank.

(a) open (b) start (c) begin (d) commence

: (a) open

5. At the end of thirty days the company will ask you to ……. the account.

(a) arrange (b) finish (c) end (d) settle

: (d) settle

6. The finance director is responsible for ……. the accounts for the business.

(a) holding (b) keeping (c) taking (d) finding

: (b) keeping

7. At the end of the financial year it is the responsibility of the chief finance officer to ……. the accounts.

(a) print (b) edit (c) publish (d) direct

: (c) publish

8. Before they got married, they decided to open a ……. account.

(a) united (b) joint (c) unified (d) combined

: (b) joint

9. If you have saved some money, it is a good idea to put the money into a ……. account.

(a) heap (b) pile (c) lump (d) deposit

: (d) deposit

10. However hard I try, I find it impossible to account ……. this missing sum of money.

(a) with (b) to (c) for (d) by

: (c) for


Advanced level # 76


1. Most accounting positions require a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field or ……. combination of education and experience.

(a) an attained (b) a calculated (c) a curricular (d) an equivalent

: (d) an equivalent

2. Many companies want graduates with a master’s degree in accounting, or a master’s degree in business administration with ……. in accounting.

(a) a concentration (b) an expertise (c) a major (d) a specialty

: (a) a concentration

3. Some schools offer students a chance for hands-on experience with part-time ……. programs in accounting or commercial firms.

(a) internship (b) practice (c) study (d) tutorial

: (a) internship

4. Accountants help make sure that a firm is run efficiently, that its records are maintained accurately, and that its taxes are paid properly and in a ……. manner.

(a) controlled (b) courteous (c) formal (d) timely

: (d) timely

5. Nowadays, accountants are ……. the services they offer with budget analysis, investment planning, and IT consulting.

(a) broadening (b) lengthening (c) opening (d) reformatting

: (a) broadening

6. ……. accountants, many of whom are CPAs, generally have their own companies or work for major accounting firms.

(a) Graduate (b) Professional (c) Public (d) Senior

: (c) Public

7. Some accountants specialize in ……. accounting — investigating white-collar crimes such as securities fraud and embezzlement.

(a) criminal (b) forensic (c) police (d) undercover

: (b) forensic

8. Many work closely with law enforcement officers and lawyers during investigations and often appear as ……. witnesses during trials.

(a) expected (b) expert (c) known (d) respected

: (b) expert

9. ……. accountants record and analyze the financial information of the firms in which they are employed.

(a) Business (b) Internal (c) Licensed (d) Management

: (d) Management

10. Government accountants work in the public ……., maintaining and monitoring the recordkeeping of government departments and agencies.

   arena (b) domain (c) quarter (d) sector






















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